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With your supports, we are able to become one of the most  trusted online store for the past 14 years. To show our appreciation, we are giving our the following free gift worth $50 (while stock last) when you make a purchase of $120 in a single transaction as part of our celebration. Many thanks to all our loyal customers.


Perfect New Adult Concept Soft Tube Cup

...complete control over the tightening feeling...wide variety of sensual sensations...most intense orgasm you'll ever have...





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"A serious breakthrough in the male toys arena

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Jelly Fantasy Vibrator For Beginner, 6"

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ESPIRE - Revolutionary Jelly Sensation Condom

natural - feel like without condom ....


Revolutionary design that incorporate 2 type of lubricant on the condom - the teat stores the jelly, which melts to form the lubricant for the female. The condom interior contains another lubricant formulated for the male. Both lubricant give you the natural feel and enhanced pleasure

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Dear friends,

Do you find it embarrassing whenever you pick that box of condom from the shelves? 


Do you find it even more embarrassing if you have to ask the female cashier to get that pack of condom on the shelves behind her?


Are you always worrying about what the people in the queue might think when they see you holding that pack of condom?


Do you wish you have more freedom to select the different kinds of condoms you and your partner prefer?


If the answers to all these questions are YES, then you are Not Alone in Singapore!



ILoveU Online  now brings you the freedom to shop for condoms with total confidence and in complete privacy. You can now take your time to decide what you want without feelings of embarrassment.


in Singapore! 


All orders will be packed in plain letter envelopes, with no indication of our company logo or name. In short, it will be packed such that nobody can tell what is inside.  Orders are delivered via SINGAPORE POST MAIL SERVICE direct to your letterboxes, just like any other normal letters. There is NO NEED for anyone to be at home to receive it.


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Durex condoms are derived from durability, reliability and excellence. Renowned for their safety and sensitivity.


Voted the finest condoms in Japan. Made of Sheerlon, it's the closest thing to nothing at all.


Gentle, colourless, greaseless, non-staining, long-lasting lubricant.







American's New Rated No 1 condom. 







A Special Corner... for that special someone. Lovers are grateful creatures who will remember fondly when they feel extra-special.





For that special someone you want to practice with ... Great tips and guides...












  The perfect vibrators.

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Sex Toys For Men.

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Your order will be packed in plain letter envelope, with no indication of our company logo or name on the mailing labels. In short, it is packed such that nobody can tell  what is inside. Click here to see how packaging looks like.
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All orders will be delivered by SingPost to your LETTER-BOX, just like any other normal letters. There is NO NEED for anyone to be at home to receive it..


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Girls, take the initiative to surprise and tease your men with a condom.

We Promote Safe Sex
We encourage sex only after marriage. But like many out there, when the temptation gets too great, we would like you to safeguard yourself and your partner. No to venereal disease and unexpected pregnancy.

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 "Pleasure and Pressure Donít Mix" 



Love So True

"A stranger you were once. Then, with a gentle look you took my hand. As our lives engaged, you lit my life and I held both your hands. Now that times have passed, ours souls have indeed become one. How fortunate we are that we have found the love so true that everyone dreams about. "


- Laura Veronica Merodio -



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