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(1) how to order:


Simply  place your order using our shopping cart and

payment instructions will be send to your e-mail account immediately.



(2) modes of payment:

Method A

Internet Banking or ATM machine Fund Transfer


(1) If you have DBS or POSB account, please transfer to our DBS Current Account:  066-900453-2 

(2) If you have other banks account, you may need to indicate:

     Bank Code: 7171

     Branch Code: 066

     DBS Current A/C:  066-900453-2 



Method B

Deposit Cash at DBS or POSB bank  to our DBS Current Account:  066-900453-2 



Method C

Drop your Cheque into the nearest DBS or POSB bank quick cheque deposit box.


Please make cheque payable to: "PARENT'S NETWORK"

Kindly write down our DBS Current A/C 066-900453-2 on the back of the cheque.






(3) how to transfer fund from DBS/POSB ATM:



1.   Insert ATM card

2.   Select language

3.   Select "Cashcard & More Services"

4.   Select Fund Transfer / Fixed Deposit

5.   Select the bank that from which account you are transferring from

      -  DBS or POSB Saving A/c (Depending on your account type)


6.   Select the bank that you are transferring to: DBS AutoSave / Current A/c

7.   Select transfer fund to Another Account

8.   Enter ILoveU Online Account no. 066-900453-2


9.   Check and Select Correct

10.  Enter Amount for your order

11.  Check and Select Correct

12.  Check and Select "Confirm" the requested transfer

13.  Remove ATM card and receipt





(4) how the package will look like:

The order will be packed in plain letter envelope, with no indication of our company logo or name on the mailing labels.  In short, it will be packed such that nobody can tell what is inside.

The opening of the envelope will also be sealed with tape so that no one can tamper with it.








(5) frequently asked questions:

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