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Number 1 Rated
Condom in USA


Cosmopolitan Magazine - Dec. 1998

Rated the Inspiral condoms a perfect ten out of ten and concluded that it provided friction in all the right places. Men said that “wearing a condom is actually a turn on” and women said “… the condom tickles me in jus the right places, sending me into an orgasmic frenzy”

Men’s Health Magazine - May 2000

Concluded that Inspiral increases friction in the sensitive areas. Male users said, “… it felt like I was not wearing a condom at all.” A female partner of the user commented that she lubricated a lot more than she normally did and that the condom “must have pushed the right buttons.”

Man’s World - July 2001

“… the loose fit at the tip of the condom allowed the nerve endings to remain at their most sensitive, while the friction caused by the extra moving latex produced additional sensation.”     

 Glamour - Dec 2001

“… the extra latex towards the top rolls and bunches during intercourse, offering you sensations that skin-tight condoms don’t”

 GQ Magazine - May 2003

“ … the extra fabric had twisted itself into a pinwheel shape….. there was friction, but not artificial friction.”

 Rubber Asia     - Nov-Dec 2003    

“ Pleasure was now everywhere and consumers responded.”


Marie Stoops International (MSI)

Conducted a study in Uganda using Inspiral condoms and concluded that Inspiral condoms heighten pleasure owing to a “ticklish” sensation on both the female and the male. Also, participants perceived it as a stronger condom and because of its special features they would be willing to pay a premium of nearly 400% for Inspirals as compared to the regular condoms

















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Sea-shell shaped condoms create more pleasure for woman

65-year American surgeon spends 15 years to develop it

Body Text

A new sea-shell shaped condom not only make woman have faster orgasms, but it also helps to make sex interesting for woman as it creates more pleasure.

Espire is the top selling condom in America. Since it hit the shelves at a popular chain of 24-hour convenient stores in Singapore early this month, sales have been brisk.

Mr Isaac Goh, 29-year old, Executive Director of Zander Asia Pte Ltd, has obtained the sole distributorship of Espire condoms in Singapore. Mr Isaac Goh mentioned that the spiral technology found in Espire condoms is developed by a 65-year old American surgeon, who used to work in an A&E department in a hospital, found that many people were affected by some diseases, including AIDS, due to the reason that they don’t like to use condoms. So he wanted to develop a condom which can bring more pleasure with extra protection, and hope everyone likes to use it.

Mr Isaac Goh added, the uniqueness of the condom is that it makes couples enjoy greater pleasure due to the design of ‘head’. Although it appears loose, it actually increases the skin contact between couples during sex, therefore creating a totally new experience for couples.

Mr Isaac Goh further added that feedback from many people who has tried it is very positive. Although they feel strange when they wear it the first time, due to the big and loose ‘head’, the wonderful feeling they experienced is evident when they have sex.

Mr Isaac Goh said: ‘The most unique thing about Espire Condoms is that both partners feel the pleasures created from it at the same time. Furthermore, the woman will have a faster orgasm, resulting in a higher satisfaction level for the male partner as well.

Mr Isaac Goh, an IT-Technopreneur, discovered Espire when he was overseas. He then read up on the product in detail and found that many well-known US magazines gave a high score for Espire in surveys done on various condoms in the market. Seeing the huge potential of the product, he decided to bring it into Singapore.

In order to cater to the local market, Mr Isaac Goh has repackaged the product and even customised the fit to suit Asian males.

Ten Points Out Of Ten

A few years ago, a research was conducted by an American magazine to compare a few different condoms. The result showed that no matter male and female, ratings for Espire sea-shell shaped condom was ten points out of ten.

Wife Encourages Him To Bring Espire In

Mr Isaac Goh, married last year and is expecting the birth of his first child mentioned that although relatives gave him different opinions on his condom business, he persisted as he got his wife’s support.

Mr Isaac Goh disclosed his ‘sex secret’, when he first used the condom, the orgasm of his wife came fast and he felt rather contented by it. Therefore his wife encouraged him to bring in the product as soon as possible. Although he felt the loose ‘head’ was odd at first, but upon using it, he felt it gave him a wonderful feeling.

Actually, before he brought Espire to Singapore, he bought one dozen boxes of it to give to some to his friends and relatives. The feedbacks received from them were very encouraging and it further gave him the confidence to embark on a business direction with Espire even more.

Last year, he won the rights to be the sole distributor for the Inspiral brand in Singapore, and started his own company Zander Asia Pte Ltd. Espire was approved by the government in June this year, and was officially launched in early September. He estimated sales growth to hit 30% in the coming months.

Mr Isaac Goh added that he may consider selling condoms through the website or from a vending machine when the business is established.

Mr Isaac Goh now often carries a few boxes of Espire condoms wherever he goes, so that when he meets somebody he knows, he will give them some for free to try. Indeed, he has overcome the uneasiness to tell people he sells condoms as a business.

Photo Captions:

1. Mr Isaac Goh with his new condoms that make woman have faster orgasms.

2. The difference between Espire’s sea-shell shaped condom and a normal condom.










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